Stunning Crystal and Glass in Watercolor

How to Paint Glass
FaulknorGlassDemoOne of my favorite possessions is a set of beautiful decanters that sat in my grandparents’ house for as long as I can remember. The simple, stunning shape of a tall red cylinder next to various-shaped cut crystal glass ones with the wide bottoms and curved necks captures the lights and casts beautiful shadows. I’ve always wanted to paint them, but until recently, I didn’t even know where to begin.

But after watching Stunning Crystal and Glass, now I know the best way to tackle this subject matter! Because as Joyce Faulknor demonstrates, creating a beautiful, realistic watercolor image of cut crystal and colored glass doesn’t have to be difficult. In this art lesson, you’ll learn how to transfer an image from photo reference to watercolor paper.

FaulknorGlassStunningFinalThen, follow along as she paints using a dark-to-light method using her favorite watercolor techniques to give shape and dimension to a still life of vases. You’ll learn how to use your brushes and mix colors to create the right shades and values for each object.

Preview Stunning Crystal and Glass stream on ArtistsNetwork.TV to learn how she uses a wet-on-dry technique to add several values and create a rounded form in colored glass, working with the darkest colors first. You can also download the video from

And, once you’ve learned her easy tricks, why not set up your own glass still life and use these same techniques? If you love watercolor painting and you love the look of crystal and colored glass, this easy art demonstration is for you!

If you love Joyce’s instruction, pick up a copy of her book, Stunning Crystal and Glass, too!

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