Mood & Atmosphere in Oils with Carolyn Lewis

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In this week’s Jen’s Picks, we focus on oil painting techniques for creating a beautiful landscape painting. You’ll learn how to create a breathtaking landscape painting from start to finish alongside instructor Carolyn Lewis. In this art lesson, you’ll learn how to paint a beautiful sunset in oils.

You’ll learn:

  • how to paint a stunning sunset in oils from a photo reference
  • how to block in the shapes to create a strong foundation
  • tips for mixing your paint colors
  • how to create mood and atmosphere for dramatic landscapes
  • how to add light and shadow to your landscape painting
  • how to create seamless transitions between landscape elements, such as working the sand back into the shrubbery
  • how to refine and harmonize the painting for a finished look
  • the four important elements of a landscape painting in oil

Preview the video below to learn about blocking in the big shapes on a primed canvas and the importance of sky holes.

You can purchase a copy of Painting Mood and Atmosphere in Oils on DVD or download it at North Light shop.

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