Sandra Walker Watercolor Gallery

“I’m a photorealist painter who finds inspiration in man-made structures,” says American-born artist Sandra Walker, featured in the April issue of Watercolor Artist. Now a resident of England, where she’s an elected member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, Walker revels in the unique opportunities to paint both European and American cityscapes her notoriety as a versatile painter has afforded her: She was commissioned by the U.S. Mint to design a Congressional medal, and by ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to paint the British Houses of Parliament. Walker’s work appears in many collections, including those of Senator George McGovern and Senator Ted Kennedy. Click here to see an online-exclusive gallery of her work.


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0 thoughts on “Sandra Walker Watercolor Gallery

  1. Kylo Chua

    Sandra Walker has a very definitive style and watercolor technique that melds intricate detail with the natural properties of watercolor. Her blends of color and lines are very fine, while her tones are strong, but soft when they need to be. Very nice artworks to see..