Artists’ Online Chats

Q. I’ve seen some great art Web sites on the Net, including Watercolor Magic’s site and The Artist’s Magazine’s site. But, I’ve never seen one where you can chat with other artists. I really think that would be fun. Do you know of anything like this?

A. Yes, I know two Web sites where artists can chat. I can recommend them because I chat with these artists every week. It’s like going to a cafe, as painters have always done, to talk about their art. The chat rooms are completely safe and there are only artists “in the room.” And, we have so much fun!

One site you can chat on is I’ve met many artists and have learned so many things in the Art Cafe chat room. This site is a must to visit!

ArtCafe.Net Artists’ Community was founded in 1995 and features moderated chats in Excite’s Virtual Places. Chats take place in the Art Loft where the background images change with the subject under discussion. Topics include art techniques on Mondays, watercolors on Tuesdays, gallery chat on Wednesdays and Open Studio on Saturdays. Often the chats are coordinated with the site’s original articles, demonstrations and resources. Artists share images of recent work, as well as post questions and ideas on the ArtCafe.Net Bulletin Board; also the site includes an Artists’ Directory page, ArtWares Gift Shop and Acanthus Commercial Gallery. Chat times and other information are listed on the site.

Also, there is The World of Watercolor Online Magazine,, which has a very well-run chat room and bulletin board where you can visit with other artists, ask questions, discuss artwork, get hints and ideas, and promote your art and Web site. There are new features each month, which introduce professional artists with interviews and images of their artwork. There are also articles on art techniques, painting lessons, an extensive list of art associations and societies, and a Lots of Links page, as well as an Art Gallery. World of Watercolor invited me to be the Guest Host each month for the online chat answering questions on a different topic each month. Visit the site for the chat schedule and instructions on how to get in on the chat.

I have to admit, I’m not typically one for going into chat rooms, but I find these invigorating and I get to meet artists from all over the world! Hope you can join us!

Born in Tennessee and receiving his art education at California State University, Waif Mullins has won a long list of awards and honors over the past 30 years. He’s a signature member, distinguished pastelist and past president (1997-2001) of the Pastel Society of the West Coast, and he’s also a member of the Society of Western Artists. His work has appeared in a wide variety of publications and collections, and in a one-man show at the Chico Museum in California in 1999. He lives in San Francisco.

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