Daler-Rowney’s Water Colours and Claybord Textured Surface

Daler-Rowney’s Artists’ Water Colours

Founded 200 years ago, the Daler-Rowney company has an impressive history. In the 19th century, illustrators who accompanied explorers in order to record the flora and fauna of exotic locales took along a Daler-Rowney boxed sets of watercolors. During the heyday of British colonialism, Daler-Rowney made Artists’ Water Colours in moist cakes that could be shipped abroada??often to officers’ wives who set up their easels before tea in India.

We asked Mark Mehaffey to give them a try. Read his review here.

Claybord Textured Surface by Ampersand

The original Claybord is an art board coated with clay; its surface is smooth. Mark Mehaffey, an innovative artist who has often painted on the slick, synthetic surface of YUPO, wanted to give Claybord Textured panel a try. Reputed to have the absorbency and texture of cold-pressed paper, Claybord Textured comes in a range of sizes, from 8 x 10-inches to 16 x 20-inches. A painting on either Claybord surface (original or textured) can be sealed by applying Claybord fixative; one could then hang the painting without glass.

?People have the impression that having children will limit their lives or enclose their world, but I realized after having my daughter and son that my world was closed before,? says Juliette Aristides, who won the Wilder Prize for Drawing from the National Academy of Design in New York City in 1995. She studied with Jacob Collins at the famous Water Street Atelier; she now has her own atelier at the Seattle Academy of Fine Arts (www.seattlefineart.org). Her Web site is www.aristidesarts.com.

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