Frisket Solutions

Hooked on Frisket

Crochet hooks come in a variety of sizes from very fine to thick and make great applicators for liquid frisket. The best part is you can quickly wipe or peel the dried frisket right off the hooks. Never lose another brush to frisket!

Gail Ribas
Mount Desert, Maine

Frisket Kit

Nobody likes to lose a brush to liquid frisket. To help with this sticky situation, I formed a kit that includes soap, an inexpensive brush and a pick-up eraser&#151everything I need to apply liquid frisket cleanly and efficiently. My procedure works like this: I dip the brush in water, twirl it on the cake of soap and then dip it in the frisket. The soap coats the bristles of the brush, protecting them. When I’ve finished with the frisket, I simply wash the brush with water and the frisket easily comes off. I use the pick-up to rub off the frisket from the paper when the paint is dry.

Bev Allen
Sun City West, Arizona

Marion Boddy-Evans is a journalist and artist living in South Africa. She’s also the painting guide for

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