It’s In the Details

I love complexity. I always used to accuse George Post of painting the whole city of San Francisco with just 17 brushstrokes. He would laugh and say, “No, no I used 27,” or something like that. I look at San Francisco and think, “It would take me 2 million brushstrokes to paint it.” But I love that kind of complexity. Painting what you love is one of the things I talk a lot about in my workshops. If you love something, then that’s what you paint. Don’t try to paint like other people. Don’t try to paint ideas or images that are foreign to your way of thinking. I love to see paintings that are flat and painted simply by other people. I don’t want to do that at all. They don’t want to do what I do either.

Hot Springs, Arkansas, artist Carole Katchen speaks more about papers in her new book Express Yourself With Pastel (International Artist, distributed by North Light Books).

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