Keeping the Painting Alive

I want to show the way things are and the way I feel about them. The pencil lines, as well as the drips and splatters, are part of that. I feel that being impulsive as an artist is one way of expressing myself. When I add pencil lines, it changes the painting. The painting starts to move. Then before I overwork it, I simply let go of the painting. Sometimes I have to force myself to stop. It’s so hard to leave something alone! I want the painting to express life, and life is always inchoate, in process, not finished.

Apple a Day (watercolor on paper, 19 x 24)

It’s this unfinished feeling of my work that invites the viewer to participate, to become part of the painting. His eye must work to complete the image, to finish the painting. The splatters and drips and white space say things are still possible.

Jaimie (watercolor on paper, 30 x 24)

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