On-the-Go Palettes

It’s often impractical to take your regular palette when painting on location. I’ve read lots of tips in “Swipe File” on how to put together handy, compact traveling palettes, and I’ve got a few tips of my own that I’d like to share. For quick painting trips, when you’ll just need a dash of a few different colors, recycled plastic pill packaging works great! To make the packages suitable for use as palettes, you’ll need to be careful when removing the pills. The key is to gently peel away the foil or cut the pill out rather than push it through by squeezing the plastic bubble it sits in. When you’ve emptied the package, fill the plastic bubbles with paint and cover them with a fresh piece of foil. (The “flavor fresh packages” that many chewing gums come sealed in now also work for this purpose.) Each little palette can hold as many as 12 colors and will fit easily into a shirt pocket or purse. These packages also work great in a workshop setting when you want to share just a “squirt” of color with your neighbor. When you need a larger amount of paint, try the packages that individual-portion cream cheeses, jellies and jams come in. Anytime I go out to a restaurant for breakfast, I make sure to stock up!



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