Painting What Comes Naturally

I naturally gravitate toward “wet scenes”: snow, water, mist and fog. My wife and I live in the country and I love to walk outside on gray or sunny winter days with our dogs, when I feel the most at peace. I dreamt up this image—concocted it in my head. The images I paint come to me through prayer and meditation—I never just paint what I see, I paint what I feel about what I see (although everything I see has the potential to become part of some painting). This particular piece really represents my feelings about snow and water. I feel centered and tranquil in this kind of setting. It’s hard to talk about an intuitive painting. Really, the painting itself should communicate what I feel. As an artist, I’m making a visual statement. If this is done in a deep, honest way, with no gimmicks, the painting will have a spiritual quality that people will connect with.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, artist Joe Anna Arnett is the author of Painting Sumptuous Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers in Oil (North Light Books), now in its second edition. She’s been featured in several national and international publications such as The International Herald Tribune and The Artist’s Magazine.

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