Painting with Emotion

The work that I do is in the traditional realm of subject matter, but I’ve been thinking and am thinking more and more abstractly. Even though the subject matter appears traditional, the painting is really all about abstraction and concepts. I see my work moving toward emotion—and that includes abstraction as well as storytelling. Having some real feeling in the painting is important to me—rather than showing robot-like technique.

One of the contemporary painters who have influenced me is Charles Reid, particularly his color, his natural ability, and his sense of being comfortable about letting the paint come onto the paper without planning everything. He was at ease about that. And, of course, great painters like John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer, and Edward Hopper, have all influenced me. I also like abstract expressionist painters like Mark Rothko, whose works show one color slamming up against another. I like that sensation and what it does.

I’m in the state now in my work of translating emotions into paint on paper. Subject matter isn’t the primary thing to me anymore. It really is about emotion and storytelling.

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