Personal Statement

Ten tips for developing a unique style.

1. Follow your intuition: it’s right! This applies to everything from your choice of subject, to paint application, to a certain color that seems right.

2. The craft of the painting is important but it can’t override the creative aspect of the work. The technique must follow the expression.

3. Don’t be content to paint like everyone else.

4. Study the masters. There are many, so choose the ones whom you respond to most. Read about them and study their paintings. You will more than likely discover that they, too, were students their entire lives.

5. Paint what you know and are closest to, what you are inspired by.

6. Remember that style has nothing to do with the subject or medium. Rather, it’s your own way of seeing the subject and putting it on paper.

7. Don’t focus on awards and honors and commercial success. This can and probably will stifle your growth as a painter.

8. Enjoy the process of painting and don’t be overly concerned with the product.

9. Spend long periods of time by yourself developing your thoughts and painting process without being too influenced by peers. Then have short bursts of interacting with peers, attending exhibitions and going to museums.

10. Don’t forget: The growth of one’s style is an ongoing process. Don’t force it. If you follow your intuition, your style will emerge and grow.

A native of Munich, German, Evelyne Boren enjoys worldwide recognition for her paintings of the Southwest, Mexico and Europe, in both watercolor and oil. Having traveled widely and lived in both Europe and the United States, she had a successful show-business career in movies and television before becoming a full-time professional artist. She has sold more than 3,000 original works, has had many one-woman exhibitions and has paintings in several corporate collections. Currently she maintains permanent studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Sayulita, Mexico, and plans to establish a third studio in Europe.

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