Simple Sunsets

I am drawn again and again to the imagery along the part of the Hudson river near my home. The expanse of the tidal river is bordered on the one side by the Palisades—vertical cliffs of stone and vegetation that bound the river for nearly 20 miles. Together they form a dramatic backdrop for the villages situated along the valley.

Time and weather conspire to ensure ever-changing light on these views. The result is a landscape different at all times of the day, every day. When I painted this picture, the sun had gone behind the Palisades, rendering the sheer face of the wall without detail. In my painting, I reduced the elements to their simplest forms, depicting the river, the Palisades and the sky as bands of color. The foreground trees offset these horizontal elements. But it is the color of the atmosphere, the water reflecting the late afternoon sky, that charged this view for me. It’s at once a very still scene and one sparked with the imminent arrival of spring.

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