Studio Supplies Have Come a Long Way, Baby!

I’ve stocked my studio with items borrowed from a nursery. A colorful changing table that I picked up at a garage sale serves as sturdy storage shelves. The changing pads—flannel on one side and a waterproof material on the other side—are great for wiping excess water or paint off my brushes. I keep a small square of the pad by my palette. The material absorbs better than an old towel, and I can throw it in the washing machine when it gets too full of paint.

Tera Leigh is a writer and artist living near San Francisco. She writes columns for many magazines, including Decorative Artist’s Workbook and Artist’s Sketchbook (from the editors of The Artist’s Magazine). Look for her new book, The Complete Guide to Decorative Painting (North Light Books) in October. Her Web site is

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