The Creative Process

“Very recently, my work has changed,” says Cathy Woo. “The work that I’m doing now is more gestural rather than shape-oriented. The line and brushwork are visible. I’m starting out with a grid that I draw freehand. I do layers, lots of layers; it’s like weaving. The brushwork is open. You can see color coming through the previous layers. It’s still mixed media: watercolor, watercolor crayon, gouache and acrylics.

“The transformation in my own work is in the amount of control. At first I had a considerable amount of control. Now, I’m stepping back. I let the process take more control. I’m more an observer, watching what’s happening on the page. People who aren’t artists might think that it’s mindless scribbling. But the experience I’ve had—over 20 years—allows me to step into the process when the painting needs it. All those years of experience painting in a controlling way now allow me to edit when I have to.”

—Leslie Clark

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