To Glaze or Not to Glaze

I know that a glaze of color can help unify the elements or enhance the mood of a painting, but until recently, I was too afraid to try it for fear I’d ruin my work. Years ago I would lay sheets of colored transparencies over a painting to see how a glaze of color would change a painting, but these are difficult to find and costly. It was during Easter season that I found the answer to my problem. Most grocery stores and pharmacies sell rolls of transparent cellophane used to wrap Easter baskets. I purchased five colors: yellow, red, blue, green and purple. When I think a painting may need a glaze of color, I roll out the five colors of cellophane and lay them one at a time over my painting. This way I can see firsthand how the glaze will turn out before I apply it to the painting.

Jane Habermas
Oceanside, CA

Ann Emmert Abbott is a contributing editor for Artist’s Sketchbook and The Artist’s Magazine.

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