Transferring Images

What’s the best technique to transfer a drawing to watercolor paper is always a hot topic in my watercolor classes. I’ve tried a lot of different methods, but I’ve found this way works best: Retrace your image on the back of a sheet of tracing paper with a pencil. Next, tape the tracing paper, with the pencil drawing side facing down, to a sheet of your favorite watercolor paper. Then lightly trace the image onto the watercolor paper with a pencil. The image will appear just as it did in your original drawing.

Tera Leigh is a writer and artist living near San Francisco. Her passion is creativity and she writes columns for Decorative Artist’s Workbook and PaintWorks magazines. Her design work has been published in such magazines as Romantic Homes, ToleWorld and 101 Decorating Ideas. She’s also a contributor to Artist’s Sketchbook (from the editors of The Artist’s Magazine). Look for her new book, The Complete Guide to Decorative Painting (Northlight Books) in October. Her Web site is

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