Two Handy Brush Organizers

I don?t like to keep brushes in a jar or lying flat on a table. The best way I?ve found to store my brushes is to stick the handles into a block of Styrofoam. This way I can see all of my brushes at once and easily find the one I need. And this brush holder is easy to transport to class or on plein air painting trips.
Barbara Hayden
Kankakee, Illinois

When I complained about never being able to find a particular brush when I needed it, my husband crafted an organizer out of PVC pipes and end caps. He glued several end caps side by side with PVC cement and let them dry. He then cut the pipe to various lengths with a hacksaw. Finally, he smoothed the edges with sandpaper and slipped the pieces of pipe inside the caps. We found that by not gluing the pipes to the caps, we easily could take apart the organizer for cleaning or traveling.
Patricia Dunbar
Sparks, Nevada

Artist Tina Tammaro paints and teaches in her Covington, Kentucky, studio. She’s a contributing editor for The Artist’s Magazine.

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