Two Uses for Film Canisters

Clear plastic film canisters are great for storing materials like salt and small amounts of liquid latex. By using the latex in such a small container, only a small amount is exposed to air. If I’m working on a large area of a painting, or if the application of latex is tedious and takes a long time, I’ll only lose a little bit if the latex starts to solidify.

I also use the film canisters for softening old tubes of watercolor paint and for salvaging every last drop of paint from a tube. I simply cut the tube open with a razor blade then place the tube in a canister filled with water. I affix the airtight cap and let the tube sit in the canister for a few days. By using clear canisters, I can see the color inside. I also mark the name of the paint with a permanent marker on the outside of the plastic container.

Joanne Moore is managing editor for The Artist’s Magazine.

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