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Sneak Peek: Tools You’ll Love

Great tools make it easier for artists to create, and that’s why we love them. Artists Network Artist Scott Maier is here with sneak peeks of two fabulous products, one to help you work with your reference image and one to display your finished work.

The DaVinci Eye App

|Sponsored| Looking for the right tool to help you grow as an artist? Check out the Da Vinci Eye app. It’s made my drawing practice easier and it’s made me a better artist. There are so many ways to integrate this amazing tool into your studio practice.
The Da Vinci App allows you to see your reference image and your drawing simultaneously, overlaying the image onto your drawing. There are several views to choose from, including a grid view, and you can scale the reference image to see it close up when you need to. There’s a tool within the app to brighten up your image as well as one that breaks your image into a set of abstract shapes so you can build your drawing from scratch. 
Whether you work on a table or at an easel, Da Vinci has a selection of stands that help you work hands-free. The range of tools and options, like transparent overlays, grids, strobe features, and more, provide support without interrupting each artist’s unique style and approach. 
This app truly takes traditional artistic practices into the 21st century. The Da Vinci App is available on iOS and Android. Visit Da Vinci Eye to learn more.

Ampersand Floater Frames

|Sponsored| We’re all looking for beautiful, professional-looking, easy-to-use frames for our paintings, and Ampersand has a wonderful solution with their Floaterframes.

Floaterframes are available in a variety of sizes and colors, including white, black, natural wood. It’s so easy to fit your artwork into these frames, whether you’re using Ampersand’s panels or your own canvases; Floaterframes come with everything you need to mount your artwork.

Floaterframes are a perfect solution for artists from creation to framing to hanging on your wall or in a gallery. Learn more at Ampersand Art

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