Congratulations Splash 20 winners! We have selected 123 artists for publication in North Light Books’ latest watercolor competition, Splash 20: Creative Compositions!A brilliant representation of contemporary watercolor, this 20th volume in the Splash series will continue the proud tradition that has made Splash the longest-running “best of watercolor” competition series.

While any subject can be developed with a variety of compositional strategies, in most cases, it is not the subject but the composition of the work that gives a painting its originality and appeal. The elements of composition are classically defined as line, shape, color, value, texture, form and space. These elements can be organized along with balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm and point of view in a near-infinite number of ways. How you compose your painting determines the way people will view it and how they will be affected by it emotionally.

If you see your name below, please check your email accounts (and junk boxes) for instructions on next steps. You will receive an email from us with the subject line “Splash 20 Winner Notification” by Friday, April 20th, 2018.

Kathleen Alexander, Ho’okipa Honu
Jane Austin, All Souls
Junsung Back, Namsadang Nori
Joanna Barnum, Gaze
Marnie Becker, Crossing Michigan
Marnie Becker, Red Bandana
Matthew Bird, NOLA Beetle
Matthew Bird, Still Life with Venus de Milo
Sagnik Biswas, Bell Tower, Dubrovnik
Diana Boanas, Contemplation
Denny Bond, Brew
Cindy Brabec-King, Cotton, Wool, and Tin
Bill Brinker, French Canadian Trapper
J Henderer Burns, Red Dog in the Morning
Peter Carey, Wigwan Motel
Cheryl Chalmers, Great Blue At Buttermilk
Chiao-I Chang, Kaohsiung Harbor
Lei Chi, Venice
Chung Wei Chien, The Direction of Heart
Chow Chin Chuan, Attachment
Jansen Chow, Starting the Day
Cheng Koon Chua, Here I Stand
Joe Cibere, Yupo Diver
Daniel Danielson, HAY YOU!
Jackie Dorsey, Apathy and Good Books
Steve Dudek, Circle
Marney-Rose Edge, Sisters
L. S. Eldridge, Entwined
Mary Elle, Waiting in Line
Linda Erfle, Valentina’s
Isabel Farrell, LineUp
Yuechen Feng, Nightfall
Lynn Ferris, Anna
Jan Finn-Duffy, Colonial Cottage
James Fiorentino, Solitary Strength
Robbie Fitzpatrick, Gentle Persuasion
Ryan Fox, Cathedral at Night
Cheri Fry, Festival Shopping
Brent Funderburk, Oaxaca
Brent Funderburk, Angelus Vitae
Rukiye Garip, Embroidery
Carla Gauthier, Chicken on the Bone
Carla Gauthier, Interstate 94
Kathleen Giles, Queen of Hearts
Jean K. Gill, Flowconuts
Laurie Goldstein-Warren, Glass on Glass on Abstract
Ellna Goodrum, Earth Memories
Barbara Groenteman, Lunch in the Everglades
Patricia Guzman, Ceremony
Peggi Habets, The Chefs
David Haley, Bee No.10
Yuki Hall, October Rain
Tom Hedderich, Bay Ridge Alley
Mike Henry, The Storm Fisher
Nancy Herbst, Illumination
Michael Holter, The Banner
Lance Hunter, Toxic Beauty II
Jeff Ishikawa, Mission Fountain Nymphs
Russell Jewell, Towing the Line
Marilyn Johansen, End of Day
Kie Johnson, In the Studio
Bev Jozwiak, Faux
Amarjeet Maan Kalsi, A Window to Reflections
Susan Keith, Wrapped In Light
Youngran Kim, Wind of Jeju Island
Ona Kingdon, Broken in Transit
Kathy Kitz, Awakening Yellow
Hoi Yan Kwok, Joyful Child
Ze Ze Lai, Right Here Waiting 1.1
Elizabeth LaRowe, Griz
David Lawruk, Feeding the Birds
Jorge Leon, Let’s Go 3
Victoria Lisi, Three of a Kind
Larry Lombardo, Hopefully helping Haiti
Yael Maimon, Bed and Breakfast
Yael Maimon, The Goldfish #5
Francois Malnati, After the Rain
Anne McCartney, Geisha II
Laurin McCracken, Homage to Willem Kalf
Mark McDermott, Hilltop Veranda
Christine Misencik-Bunn, Angelic
Younghwan Moon, Raven-Reflect
Diane Morgan, Washing Grapes
Marcia Murray, Avian Artistry
Judy Nakari, The Senior Partners
r mike nichols, Illusions
Tim Oliver, Gathering at San Patricio
Roberta Oliver, Morning Swin
Catherine O’Neill, Foul Ball
Marian O’Shaughnessy, Cool, Clear Water
Renee Pagan, Flamingo Friends
Jianglong Pan, Cockscomb Flower
Monika Pate, Masquerade
Luis Perez, Foiled Tennis
Kris Preslan, Reflections of Ghent
David Rankin, Tiger Ridge – Ranthambhore, India
Dorrie Rifkin, Preppy Taxi
Jody Robertson-Schramm, Flowers for Gail
Tim Saternow, PARK – M23 & 10th Ave
Thomas W. Schaller, Rain in the Campo – Rome
Lynn Schilling, Distracted
Cynthia Sexton, The Birthday Party
Alisa Shea, Dangle
Jonathan Shirey, Coxcombe
Dan Simoneau, Marco
Bhupinder Singh, Duval Sundog
Bhupinder Singh, Hamlins Birdeye View
Kay Smith, Midge Lap Cat
Frank Spino, Circles & Squares I
Thomas Stade, Papermill Harbor
David Stickel, French Colour
Sean Stickel, Super-Mini Colors
Scott Stoltman, Ode to Eluid
Sydney Suttman, COWS
Brenda Swenson, Half a Dozen
Barbara Tapp, Desert Heat
Bruce Tatman, Gauges
Lyudmila Tomova, Whiskers
Lok Yau Rainbow Tse, Day is Done 2
Gary Tucker, The Tobin
Carrie Waller, Big Ideas
Wen-Cong Wang, Horse Roping 4
Chavanthop Watanakul, Butter Pecan
Lorraine Watry, Splish Splash
Susan Weintraub, City Cyclist
Cindy Welch, Colorado Craft
Stewart White, Hi Rise Shadows on a Vacant Lot
Douglas Wiltraut, A Cool Sip
Stephen Zhang, Spitalfields


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