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Check out these online destinations to keep creativity flowing from your couch while also supporting artists worldwide.

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For all of us struggling with cabin fever right now there is more than enough to do online to stay entertained. But if you are also looking for virtual ways to add to your art knowledge, connect with other creatives, and support artists who have been impacted by arts venue closures due to COVID-19, this guide is for you! From free art classes and virtual exhibitions to interactive art talks and limited series only available now, here’s our guide to staying connected to the art world at large.

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) isn’t going to let a global pandemic get in the way of it enriching the lives of art lovers. In addition to virtual tours of its vaunted collection, the New York museum is now offering free online courses as well.

Realizing that people may want to do more than just look at art, MoMA has launched a series of five free classes for those interested in better understanding the 91-year-old museum’s collection, according to i-D. Covering contemporary art, fashion and photography, the courses aren’t just a glorified video clips, either. Instead, they’re comprehensive beginner courses with corresponding readings and exercises that will take anywhere from 12 to 38 hours to complete.

The batch of classes includes three specifically focused on the contemporary art world. “What is Contemporary Art?” will offer an overview of work created since 1980, with an emphasis on the last decade. “Modern Art and Ideas” is more concerned with theory and will feature interviews with contemporary artists about their work. Meanwhile, “In the Studio: Post-War Abstract Painting” will focus on the lives and work of seven New York School artists, Willem de Kooning, Yayoi Kusama, Agnes Martin, Barnett Newman, Jackson Pollock, Ad Reinhardt, and Mark Rothko.

The other courses include “Fashion as Design,” in which designers, historians, manufacturers and other style experts discuss 70 different garments and accessories. Finally, “Seeing Through Photography” will use photos from the last 180 years to explore the difference between seeing and understanding an image.

MoMA says the courses will allow participants to “hear directly from artists and designers, look closely at works in our collection and exhibitions, and join a community of learners unlike any other.” As with other online courses offered by the museum in the past, they’ll be operated by online teaching platform Coursera. Even better, the only cost is your time.

Check out these other courses

Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University is now providing free and open access to a wide selection of art and design workshops and training for many who wish to learn amid these trying times. You may find the list of all upcoming virtual events here. Below is a round-up of selected events. As a pioneer in providing top grade onsite and online education for decades, and an essential part of the art and design community in San Francisco since 1929, Academy of Art University is dedicated to giving back and helping artists and designers during this crisis. If you are interested in interviewing the faculty experts about our online learning resources, please contact [email protected].

Digital Concepts with Michael Sims” where Michael creates videos to introduce digital photography concepts and software, and “Photography from Home” weekly blog post hosting on the school’s blog

  • Every Friday at 12 pm PDT, “Social Distance Learning” with the award-winning artists and the Executive Director of Painting & Printmaking at the School of Fine Art, Craig Nelson. Live Link:
  • Every Thursday at 3 pm PDT “Movie afternoons” –  featuring different fine art and sculpture related movies, past class demonstrations, and interviews. Live link: 
  • Every Thursday at 7:30 pm PDT, “Movie Appreciation Night” on Discord. One of our well-known instructors will discuss different aspects of Visual Development for a chosen film, followed by a screening of the movie. Live link: 
  • Every Friday from 1 to 4 pm PDT, Location Sketching workshop: One of our reputable instructors will share their screen and use Google Earth to take everyone to different locales where they will stop and draw. Live link: 

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