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Art Inspiration

Pastel Landscape Painting in the National Parks

If you have an eye for nature’s beauty, this land is your land. Learn how [...]

Up Jumped Spring! Your Guide to Spring Landscapes

When everything that’s been quiet and still is alive again, just getting outside can be [...]

7 Self-Critique Questions to Improve Your Paintings

It’s time to be your own best critic! Use this self-assessment to learn how to [...]

7 Dream Art Studios — and How to Design Your Own

With the help of a lesson in three-dimensional perspective, you can design the art studio [...]

How a Strict Artist Schedule Can Lead to Creative Spontaneity

Marike Kleynscheldt’s daily regimen and system for combatting artist’s block help her create playful and [...]

These 5 Pastel Paintings Will Take Your Breath Away

Take a look at the paintings that took the highest honors in the 22nd Annual [...]

These 10 Winning Artworks Prove That Talent Has No Expiration Date

The winning works from Artists Magazine‘s 2020 Over 60 Competition prove that age is nothing [...]

8 Award-Winning Watercolor Artists

The winning artists in this year’s Watermedia Showcase competition showcase the power of watercolor to [...]

5 Keys to Creating Art That’s All Your Own

Dean Mitchell approaches the question, “Where does originality come from?” and shares his advice on [...]


This Innovative Artist Combines Charcoal Drawings with Assemblage

Whitfield Lovell combines charcoal drawings with playing cards, found objects, and entire structures in order [...]

6 Artists Look Forward to What 2021 Brings | Part 1

As we collectively greet a New Year, a thoughtful mix of artists share how they [...]

6 Artists Look Forward to What 2021 Brings | Part 2

In the second part of this two-article series, we’re continuing to hear from a thoughtful [...]

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