These Award-Winning Student Artists are Rising Stars

Meet the Student Winners of Our 2019 Annual Art Competition

This is the 36th year for Artists Magazine Annual Art Competition — which makes it more than twice as old as the minimum age requirement for entrants in the Student Division. But art students come in all ages. They’re people who’ve made a decision to take on the challenge of developing a skill. This year’s award-winning student artists not only stepped up to that challenge but are also stepping out as rising stars.

Below you’ll find a sampling of the kind of exceptional paintings you’ll see featured in the December 2020 issue of Artists Magazine, as well as the artists’ stories about the art inspiration and intention behind them.


Mum and Dad (oil on canvas, 233/5×271/2) by Hannah Murray

1st Place: Hannah Murray
Longon, England

Mum and Dad explores a 21st-century dialogue between a married couple that many viewers may relate to, allowing them to reflect on their own relationships. The mother is submissive in this image, while the father is dominant, staring straight back at the viewer.”


A Curious Gaze (acrylic, print, rubber and ink on canvas; 447/10×351/2) by Olia Tsetniva

2nd Place: Olia Tsetniva
Boston, Massachusetts

“In A Curious Gaze, I explore a visual unawareness that has been gradually introduced by the digital age. A new civilization might be perceived paradoxically as amorphic beings without any desires for consumption, freedom, joy or balance. In this work I’ve created a space with a predetermined vision of missing human tactility.”


Pheasant Run (pastel on paper, 9 ½ x 12) by Kelley Clark

1st Place: Kelley Clark
Western Springs, Illinois

Pheasant Run uses complementary colors and the illusion of motion to capture the dynamic energy of this hasty bird. The red underpainting pops under the abstracted background of greens. Larger strokes give the bird’s stride its structure, and I kept the feathers loose by combining soft edges with bits of detail.”

Still Life/Interior

Still Life (gouache on paper, 101/4×141/2) by Jingfag Zhang

3rd Place: Jingfag Zhang
Beijing, China

“By capturing the changing values of light and color, I shaped the objects and created a sense of volume in Still Life. Another challenge was selecting which details to portray.”


Replanting Manhattan: 1 World Trade (acrylic on canvas, 18×20) by Laura Smith

1st Place: Laura Smith
Carrollton, Georgia

“I painted Replanting Manhattan: 1 World Trade for a show calling for work about ‘Growth.’ Instead of the usual florals or spiritual ideas associated with this theme, I decided to portray urban growth. I love New York City—and I loved the idea of depicting its regrowth out of tragedy.”

To see all the Student Winners of Artists Magazine Annual Art Competition, plus enjoy endless art inspiration, check out the digital edition of the December 2020 issue of Artists Magazine. Look for the print edition on newsstands and in the Artists Network Store in October 2020.

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