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How to Paint Abstract Art: Develop a Composition

In this step-by-step demonstration, artist Molly Herman mixes mediums to develop an abstract composition with [...]

Your Guide to Acrylic Paint Mediums, Gels, and Pastes

This how-to guide to working with acrylic paint mediums, gels, pastes and more will help [...]

Teil Duncan: A Layered Painting Process

Artist Teil Duncan’s process combines loose, instinctive painting followed by sharp details, with the vivid [...]

Realistic Acrylic Painting: An Artist’s Process

Alvin Richard began his path to realistic acrylic paintings, with startlingly real glass objects and [...]

Art Studio Organization: 11 Tips from Professional Artists

From storage solutions to technology tools to sketchbooks, here’s what helps working artists in their [...]

Plein Air Landscapes in Acrylics: Capturing Changes

Artist Marcia Burtt paints plein air landscapes in acrylics that encompass land and water, changing [...]

Wildlife Painting With a Lifelong Love of Nature

Influenced by science and nature, Jan Martin McGuire brings animals to life and reminds us [...]

How to Paint Skies in Any Medium

Learn how four artists paint skies in their respective mediums. Plus, a roundup of our [...]

Painting Abstractions With Spontaneity and Speed

To create her lyrical abstract paintings, Filomena de Andrade Booth uses experimentation and an ever-changing, [...]

Bold Strokes, Bright Colors

Inspired by the Color Field school, the Fauves, and Bay Area painters, Timothy Mulligan paints [...]

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