8 Colored Pencil Techniques Using Caran D’Ache Luminance 6901 Lead

|Sponsored| There’s no feeling quite like opening a fresh box of art materials. Here at Artists Network, we love getting to know new products. This time, it’s the Caran D’Ache Luminance 6901 colored pencils from Creative Art Materials, which means we got the chance to play with 100 colors, including 24 new complementary shades.

Caran d’Ache also completes its portfolio with a new ‘Portrait’ assortment, which includes flesh colors, warm and cold shades, as well as dark tones, making it the ideal tool for creating ultra-realistic artistic portraits of both people and animals.

Oh, the possibilities!

We’re convinced the most demanding artists — amateur and professional alike — will delight in these pencils with their permanent, smooth, and 100 percent lightfast lead. The Portrait Assortment, which includes 20 pieces, is ideal for creating ultra-realistic portraits of both people and pets, something that’s been on our minds lately as we head into the holiday season with plans to make meaningful art as gifts.

In this sponsored post, we share some of the advantages and techniques made possible by Luminance 6901. Happy creating!

1. Endless creation of colors

Thanks to the richness of the palette and the strong mixing capacity, you can reach a whole new potential of shades with layering and/or by using the white pencil.

2. Shading and burnishing

Create volumes and 3D effects by varying the pressure exerted on the pencil and by using the white pencil.

3. Maximum coverage

The support disappears thanks to a gentle, intense, and uniform application with blooming effect.

4. “Grisaille” technique

By lightly pressing on the pencil, you’ll achieve a semi-transparency over a finished graphite drawing.

5. Sgraffito technique

Intense colors are revealed by “scraping,” with effects that vary from very fine to very broad.

6. Mixed technique with fiber-tipped pens

Shade, unify, or draw on felt-tip applications without “bleeding.”

7. Creating on unconventional supports

The smoothness of Luminance 6901 allows you to dare a number of different supports. Have at it!

9. Applying the Full Blender – Bright

The Full Blender – Bright adds brilliance and intensity to the colors. After polishing, the drawing takes on an extra dimension.

Bonus points: For a better legibility of the information on the pencils, the marking on the Luminance 6901 pencils has been changed to white. We noticed. 

An Artist Shares Her Secrets

Artist Nicole Caulfield brings a technical composition to colorful life with three of Caran d’Ache’s complementary leads: Supracolor Soft (watercolor lead), Pablo (dry and permanent lead), and Luminance 6901 (smooth and permanent lead). Take a look at her demonstration below.

In this demo, artist Nicole Caulfield uses three of Caran D’Ache’s complementary leads. From top: Supracolor Soft, Pablo, and Luminance 6901

Step 1

A wash beforehand with Supracolor Soft to tint the sheet of paper and give big columes and base colors.

Step 2

Creation of undulating effects on the vase with Supracolor Soft using two techniques, “wet on wet” and “dry on wet.”

Step 3

Shading and paper volume effects with Luminance 6901 that are applied without altering the watercolor parts. Dense coloring of certain parts of the vase to accentuate the volume and intensity the shadows.

Step 4

Pablo to finish the angles and provide detail.

Luminance 6901 in Action!

Try Them for Yourself!

Now that we’ve shared some techniques, we hope you are inspired to give Caran D’Ache Luminance 6901 a go! Visit Creative Art Materials to learn more.

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