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Mixed Media

Andrew Raftery Takes His Prints to Plates to Wallpaper

One thing leads to another for artist/printmaker Andrew Raftery. Here is the story of his [...]

How to Paint Abstract Art: Develop a Composition

In this step-by-step demonstration, artist Molly Herman mixes mediums to develop an abstract composition with [...]

These Monochrome Drawings Explore the Concept of Identity

Learn how Samantha Wall’s monochrome drawings offer highly personal explorations of identity, race, and interior [...]

This Innovative Artist Combines Charcoal Drawings with Assemblage

Whitfield Lovell combines charcoal drawings with playing cards, found objects, and entire structures in order [...]

These Acrylic Paintings Create a Sense of Home

Ali Esmaeilipour focuses on the unexpected and everyday to remind us of home in an [...]

From Serious Life Challenge to Thriving Online Art Business

Mixed-media artist Wyanne Thompson is living proof that cancer is a word, not a sentence. [...]

Self-Portraits in the Digital Age

Find creative approaches for self-portraits with digital devices and applications. By Myrna Wacknov Self-portraits are [...]

Taking Viewers on Personal Journeys of Discovery

Darlene Olivia McElroy weaves found images with paintings to create realities subjective to each viewer’s [...]

Woodcut Prints With a Sociopolitical Purpose

In his woodcut prints, Saad Ghosn decries injustice and exposes the pain of both psychic [...]

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