14th Annual Pastel 100 Competition: Meet the Grand Prize Winners

We’re pleased to announce the grand prize winners of Pastel Journal’14th Annual Competition with the top five prize-winning paintings below.

In the April issue of the Pastel Journal found here or on newsstands March 12, you’ll find full-length features on each artist who earned our top awards; mini-features on the top five winners in each of our categories—Landscape & Interior; Portrait & Figure; Still Life & Floral; Animal & Wildlife; and Abstract & Non-Objective—and a special gallery devoted exclusively to showcasing the art and talents of our honorable mention winners. Plus, take a look behind the scenes of the competition as our esteemed jurors reveal the struggles they faced when making their decisions. All this and more will make the April issue of Pastel Journal your must-have art magazine of the year. Click here to order your copy!

Click here to get details about the 15th Annual Pastel 100 Competition.

Pastel Journal Grand Prize: Elaine Lierly Jones’ Miles to Go

Kansas artist Elaine Lierly Jones shares a captivating composition that offers viewers a deep expanse ripe for continued exploration and surprise.

Pastel Journal Gold Award: Anatoly Dverin’s Diana

Ukrainian-born artist Anatoly Dverin offers a striking example of a portrait that shines not only on the merits of its technical achievement but its emotional potency as well.

Pastel Journal Silver Award: Mike Beeman’s Garcia Spur

Mike Beeman, a Wyoming-based artist, took a traditional Western subject and turned it on its head, producing a painting that would enthrall with its classic beauty.

Pastel 100 Bronze Award: Astrid Volquardsen's A View to the Sea
Pastel 100 Bronze Award: Astrid Volquardsen’s A View to the Sea

In the midst of a tumultuous artistic transition, German artist Astrid Volquardsen found the courage to plumb new depths in her moving portrayal of the North Sea.

Ruth Richeson/Unison Pastels Award: Parag Borse’s Wrinkles and the Rooster

Celebrating the vibrancy of life in and around his Indian village, Parag Borse paints a portrait that remains respectful to reality—yet leaves just enough room for viewer participation.


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