Frank Federico Gallery of Pastel Landscapes

The work of Frank Federico, one of the featured artists in Pastel Journal’s October 2012 issue, defies classification. However, this particular pastel gallery only displays some of his pastel landscapes. Over the course of his five decades-long career, the boundary-resistant artist has lived and worked in a variety of places, finding inspiration in the jazz musicians of New Orleans, the vibrant lights of New York City streets; the coastal landscapes of sunny Tampa; and the seaside towns of New England.


"Urban Rooftops" by Frank Federico | Pastel Landscapes
“Urban Rooftops” (pastel, 20×24) by Frank Federico


"Rainy Crossing" by Frank Federico | Pastel Landscapes
“Rainy Crossing” (pastel, 16×18) by Frank Federico


"Rainy Boulevard" by Frank Federico | Pastel Landscapes
“Rainy Boulevard” (pastel, 20×24) by Frank Federico


"Quarry Light II" by Frank Federico | Pastel Landscapes
“Quarry Light II” (pastel, 20×24) by Frank Federico


"Obidos Alley" by Frank Federico | Pastel Landscapes
“Obidos Alley” (pastel, 10×14) by Frank Federico


Read more about Frank Federico in the Pastel Journal October 2012 issue!


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