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Welcome from The Pastel Journal editorial team

We are excited to introduce The Pastel Journal blog. Here we can share art-related news items that are taking place right now even though the next issue of the magazine is weeks away. And all the little tidbits we have to cut from artist interviews in order to turn a two-hour conversation into a 6-page print article–now we can pick them up off the cutting room floor! We’ll also be bringing you news about products, materials, conferences and shows, and perhaps some rantings about the blessings and bloopers of life on a magazine. You’ll be hearing from all of us here on the editorial team, so we thought for starters, you might like to meet us:

Anne Hevener, the Editor of The Pastel Journal, has worked on a variety of art titles since 1991. Anne has enjoyed art-making since the third grade when she was sought out by classmates to decorate handmade, brown-bag book covers with her drawings (Tweety Bird was a specialty). Now she enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for art with her two daughters, ages 9 and 6–both promising young pastelists, of course.

Sarah A. Strickley, Managing Editor of The Pastel Journal, comes to the magazine with a background in the literary and academic world. Sarah has served on the editorial staffs of a variety of arts magazines and publications, and her interest in fostering arts communities has led to work in several grassroots not-for-profit organizations. A relative beginner in the pastel medium, she has yet to discover a good way of keeping her Italian greyhound, Balou, out of the pastel dust.

Jessica Canterbury, our Associate Editor, has never been to Canterbury, England, but–as an English major–spent plenty of time analyzing Chaucer in many a lit class. Jessica’s childhood dream to become an artist received this admonition from her dad: Artists don’t wear undergarments. Nevertheless, she currently combines her love of writing and visual art on The Pastel Journal.

Cindy Rider is the Art Director of The Pastel Journal. Cindy
knows her way around InDesign and PhotoShop, but she launched her
graphic art career in the days of arc lamps, type spec, paste-up and
ruling pens. “I love what I do today as much as I did in the
beginning,” she says. Cindy and her husband Mike have three grown
children and three “beautiful, intelligent, kind and fun-to-be-with
grandkids.” Hard to detect any partiality on the part of this grandma!

Join the conversation!

2 comments on “Welcome from The Pastel Journal editorial team

  1. lindsay says:

    Hi and welcome to blogging! I’m a recient subscriber and look forward to reading this blog. I am hoping that you will include information on artist’s and materials that are related to oil pastels. I know from past letters that some softies are really opposed to oilies and information in the mag. Just remember how hard it was for softies to become legit years ago….maybe even still today. We oilies need information and exposure too!!
    I’ll be listing you on my blog roll too so maybe this will help to spread the word that you are here.

  2. Katherine says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere – and it’s really nice to see another art journal with a blog – and to see what’s going on in Albuquerque.

    I’ll highlight your existence on my blog "Making a Mark" tomorrow []

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