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Watercolor Tips to Improve Every Painting: 3 Must-See Videos

Learn techniques for every part of the painting process with watercolor videos by Thomas Schaller, Jean Haines, and Gordon MacKenzie

Watch watercolor videos packed with tips by (from left) Thomas Schaller, Jean Haines, and Gordon MacKenzie

This week, dive deep into watercolor videos! Explore the fundamentals of the medium with an all-star watercolor team. Start with Tom Schaller’s video “Watercolor Essentials,” exploring 15 powerful techniques and strategies. Next, get hooked on the medium with “Watercolor Workout,” a classic from Jean Haines. Her confident and playful approach to watercolor is a perfect warm-up for a successful painting session. Finally, explore Gordon Mackenzie’s approach to composing and creating a beautiful light-filled landscape painting!  

1. Try 15 Essential Watercolor Techniques

In this video workshop, Thomas Schaller shares 15 lessons for expressive watercolor painting. Begin with an overview of Thomas’s favorite materials. Then dig in to a treasure trove of techniques for every step of the painting process. Learn to choose what to paint, design a composition that works with gravity, harness edges, and layer values. Finally, Thomas demonstrates his tips for painting common subjects such as skies, trees, water, and figures. Throughout, enjoy Schaller’s encouragement and insights.

2. Warm Up with Fun and Freedom

Find joy in watercolor painting with Jean Haines in this video workshop, “Watercolor Workout.” Try Jean’s paint-along warm-ups for texture effects and spontaneous color mixes. With these prompts, you’ll stretch your imagination as you create compositions for future paintings. Then build up a painting using color mingling, brushwork manipulation, and other playful watercolor methods. Your painting skills will improve as you learn to paint lively subjects while having fun!

3. Discover Nature’s Patterns

Create landscape paintings with compelling compositions! Use nature’s patterns to compose a picture, from radiating sunlight to wave movement. In “Watercolorist’s Essential Workshop: Composition,” Gordon MacKenzie teaches you to use composition to enhance your work. You’ll see how to lift color from wet pigment for rays of light filtering through a forest. Then, use a series of directional brushstrokes as you paint concentric waves. Create unique compositions and learn techniques for wet-into-wet painting, lifting, glazing, and more!

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