Art Opening(s) is a monthly podcast produced by Artists Network, and hosted by Courtney Jordan and Samantha Sanders. Its mission: to demystify the culture surrounding art, and to make art accessible to everyone.

No gatekeepers. No stupid questions. Art for all.

Art Opening(S) Podcast


Courtney Jordan
Director of Online Content, Artists Network

For Courtney, art is one of life’s essentials. She covers everything related to creativity and art-making, from fun and inspiring art hacks to art history and the latest art world scoops to how to troubleshoot an artwork gone wrong. Presenting art techniques from trusted instructors and creators as well as adding her own voice to the mix about her own (sometimes blooper worthy!) art endeavors is what she loves best. She is always looking for ways to make more of her studio time, too, working in mixed media.

Samantha Sanders
Director of Events Content, Artists Network

Samantha Sanders is a contributor to Artists Magazine and a writer whose work has appeared online at Catapult and The Awl. She is a voracious reader about art, a reasonably committed museum-goer and a sporadic painter who finds the New York art world generally a lot nicer than she expected from the trashy tell-alls about the downtown art scene she read in high school.