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Art Subjects

Art Bound Podcast, Ep. 12: The New Frontier of Landscape Painting

For Don Stinson and Gregory Euclide, landscape painting is a way to spark new conversations [...]

What Color is Water? Blue and Beyond, in Watercolor

With a step-by-step demo and insights on value, color, and reflections, watercolorist Kris Parins demystifies [...]

English Gardens: Painting Vivid Color and Structure

Oil painter Louis Turpin brings an architectural eye and a sense of abstraction to capture [...]

How to Paint Abstract Art: Develop a Composition

In this step-by-step demonstration, artist Molly Herman mixes mediums to develop an abstract composition with [...]

Ink Drawing Techniques for Plein Air

Try these five pen and ink drawing techniques to make portable, quick-drying drawings on location, [...]

How to Draw Birds: 8 Techniques and Tips

Successfully learn how to draw birds of all kinds with these eight exercises, using gesture [...]

Teil Duncan: A Layered Painting Process

Artist Teil Duncan’s process combines loose, instinctive painting followed by sharp details, with the vivid [...]

Painting with Pastels: Combining Pattern, Color, and Form

Painting with pastels, Robin Sheard Nyikos melds layered surfaces, rich color, pattern, and texture. Plus, [...]

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