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Portraits and Figurative Art

15 Winning Works of Art

Enjoy an incredible display of creativity and talent in this celebration of the winners of [...]

Go Figure: 7 Award-Winning Watercolor Portraits and Figures

Admire some of the incredible watercolor works recognized in the Portraits & Figures category of [...]

4 Figure Painting Artists You Need to Know

Alex Bostic, Helen Bouchard, Margaret Dyer, and Emiliya Lane are each uniquely talented in the [...]

Painting with Pastels: Combining Pattern, Color, and Form

Painting with pastels, Robin Sheard Nyikos melds layered surfaces, rich color, pattern, and texture. Plus, [...]

Art Bound Podcast, Ep. 11: The Power of Portraiture

For Thomas “Detour” Evans and David Kassan, painting modern portraits means capturing the essence of [...]

Painting Portraits in Watercolor to Reveal Connections

Mario Andres Robinson paints portraits in watercolor with an evocative context of family joys and [...]

These Monochrome Drawings Explore the Concept of Identity

Learn how Samantha Wall’s monochrome drawings offer highly personal explorations of identity, race, and interior [...]

Realistic Portraits That Capture the Eternal Feminine in Acrylic

Learn how Danielle Richard’s realistic portraits capture amazing light and evoke timeless emotions. By Patty [...]


How to Combine Self-Portraits with the Likeness of Others

Merging her own image with the likeness of historical women painters, Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso pays [...]

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