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Creative Approaches to Color and Abstraction: Three Must-See Videos

Expand your watercolor and acrylic color palettes with Danielle Donaldson and Nancy Reyner, and get creative with Dean Nimmer’s acrylic techniques for abstract art.

Begin with “The Art of Creative Watercolor” workshop with Danielle Donaldson. You’ll enjoy an in-depth exploration of color and discover your own ideal color palette! With Danielle’s fun, useful instruction, you’ll never find yourself hesitating over color choice again.

Next, take color mixing to the next level with Nancy Reyner! In her “Nancy Reyner’s Creative Color” workshop, learn acrylic painting techniques to increase variety in your paintings. You’ll also learn how to make your work more interesting and attention-getting. With Nancy’s guidance, your color creativity will soar! 

Complete your journey with Dean Nimmer’s “Creating Abstract Art: Explorations from Life” with acrylic painting techniques for abstract work. You’ll develop tools for boosting your creativity by exploring the world around you. These three workshops are amazing for stimulating creativity! 

1. Discover Your Ideal Palette

Are you ready to look at color in a whole new way? In this video workshop, join artist Danielle Donaldson for an exploration of color! You’ll start by documenting the colors in your palette and your responses to them. Next, you’ll play off those color choices by creating reference cards with your preferred true, warm, and cool version of each color. Danielle then demonstrates how to create small watercolor sketches to put those colors to work.

2. Create Families of Related Colors

Next, continue exploring color with Nancy Reyner in this video workshop. Nancy begins by demonstrating how she creates families of related colors, and expands color variation in paintings. Then, she continues with tips for creating a sense of space even in an abstract painting. Finally, Nancy shares her technique for perfectly finishing the sides of a cradled canvas for perfect presentation.

3. Transform Everyday Objects into Abstract Art

Finally, interpret what you see to create exciting abstract art! In this video, artist Dean Nimmer leads you through three demonstrations using traditional subjects — landscapes, figures, and still life. The results are very non-traditional abstract art! You’ll learn how simply working with everyday subjects can produce unique results. With Dean’s techniques, stimulate your imagination, engage your creativity, and create great abstract art!

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