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Painting Florals With Your Unique Style: 3 Must-Watch Videos

Explore three different approaches to painting florals with these video workshops from Jean Haines, Desmond O’Hagan, and Chris Cozen.

In this trio of must-watch video workshops, you’ll discover three approaches to painting expressive florals, like this bold bouquet of peonies by Desmond O’Hagan!

Florals are a great subject for expressing yourself and your painting approach. Looking to find your voice when it comes to painting florals? Look no further. In these three essential video workshops, you’ll get to explore three different approaches to floral painting.

First, embrace the fluidity of watercolor with Jean Haines’s “Watercolor Flowers,” capturing an array of alluring colors using a variety of techniques, from washes to negative painting, and more. In pastel, go bold and expressive in a complete, light-filled painting demonstration with Desmond O’Hagan in “Pastel Painting: Light & Color.”  Then, embrace the playful, expressive quality of acrylics as you paint abstract flowers using a variety of new techniques with Chris Cozen in “Exploring Acrylic: Abstract Art in Action.” 

By dabbling in each approach, you’re bound to find your signature floral style!

1. Get Fluid With Watercolor

In “Watercolor Flowers, Jeans Haines shares her easy-to-follow process; you’ll paint lively flowers ready to bloom before your eyes! Follow along with her easy techniques for painting florals in an array of alluring colors. You’l learn warm-up exercises to create striking compositions and textured backgrounds, perfect for petals and stems. Then you’ll discover how to build an entire bouquet using washes, negative painting, and other classic watercolor techniques. Watch the preview above and then paint roses from start to finish in the complete video workshop!

2. Be Bold and Expressive With Pastel

In “Pastel Painting, Light & Color,” Desmond O’Hagan will lead you through a start-to-finish art demonstration, sharing his tried-and-true techniques for painting florals in pastel. You’ll start by blocking in the basic forms with bold and direct strokes, beginning with dark colors and proceeding through mid tones and lights as you go. By working in a brushstroke-like manner, you’ll avoid getting bogged down in detail, focusing instead on light, reflections, and strong combinations of dark and light colors. Along the way, you’ll learn tips for working the whole painting at once, emphasizing direct light, and adding complexity and interest by layering color after color. Preview the video above and then complete the entire workshop to create a bold bouquet of peonies!

3. Go Abstract With Acrylic

In “Exploring Acrylic: Abstract Art in Action,” Chris Cozen will help you embrace the playfulness and allure of acrylics! She will walk you step by step through an array of essential acrylic techniques to complete an abstract floral painting from start to finish. Working with a limited palette and just a few key tools, Cozen shows you how to develop a composition, starting with a strong foundation — in this case, using black gesso and a catalyst tool. Then follow along to create striking patterns using stencils and mark-making techniques. Preview the video above and then complete the entire workshop to watch as vibrant color blooms across the page layer by layer, creating a brilliantly balanced composition!

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