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Top 21 Artist Videos of 2021: A Countdown (Part 2)

We’re counting down 2021’s most-watched Artist Network videos. Did your favorite make the list yet?

Top 21 artist videos of 2021

Our countdown of the top artist videos of 2021 continues! In Part One, we explored pastel underpainting, acrylic techniques, and watercolor flowers and seascapes. In Part Two, you’ll learn how to get started with abstract art, plan a painting, breathe new life into landscapes, and push past artistic boundaries.

Whether you want to master a challenging technique or experiment with a new approach, these member favorites are sure to give you the inspiration and guidance you need. Enjoy!

16: Abstract Art for the Absolute Beginner with Debora Stewart

Learn how to paint abstract art with these fun exercises!

If you’ve wanted to learn how to paint abstract art but didn’t know where to begin, this video will show you the way. Start by learning to see abstract compositions in your photos and drawings with a viewfinder, then follow lessons on color mixing and translate sketches to exciting color combinations. A final step-by-step painting demonstration in pastel helps you put the lessons together into an energetic abstract painting.

Why Members Loved It

“I think the world of abstract will finally be open to me. Excellent step-by-step process. More importantly, it’s a logical process of which I can wrap my mind around.”

Kelley B.

15: Mastering Composition from Photos: Landscape Painting

Breathe new life into your landscape paintings

Ian Roberts shows you how to master strong composition, dramatic light effects, and techniques for fresh color mixes, values, and edges. Learn what makes a good photo and design, then go through a step-by-step landscape painting demonstration in oil. From how to size up your photo to blocking in color shapes and adding final details, you will learn how to improve and enliven your landscapes, creating stunning work every time!

Why Members Loved It

“Ian is such a wonderful teacher. So thorough. He takes you through step by step so you actually understand the principles and logic behind his brushstrokes. Highly recommend!”

Nina R.

14: Bold Underpaintings for Lively Pastel Landscapes

Open creative possibilities in your work with a unique approach

Richard McKinley shows you his best tips for establishing a strong underpainting that will lead to exciting finished results in pastel. Learn a variety of underpainting techniques in this pastel tutorial, including the application of pastel, watercolor, oil, and other wet media. Watch as he applies an underpainting and builds a landscape step by step, then learn how to complete your scene with finishing details in pastel.

Why Members Loved It

“I had never heard of underpainting with a different medium before so that was interesting. I’ve learned you should not get too serious about the painting but let the painting guide you. Nothing is perfectly right and nothing is wrong.”

Edith B.

13: Composition Secrets: How to Plan a Painting

Never lose your way in a painting again with these simple techniques!

Every good painting starts with a strong underlying structure. Liz Haywood-Sullivan shows a four-step process to do the hard work up front, testing out multiple versions of the scene before committing to a final composition. From thumbnail sketching through finding waypoints, adding value, and scaling up the image to fit your surface, you’ll make corrections and discoveries along the way that will make the painting process easier and more enjoyable.

Why Members Love It

“Whether for a beginner or the ‘sometimes I like to paint’ home artist, this is a really good video. These points are vital to understanding how to successfully begin a work and how not to get lost in the process!”

Peri N.

12: Pastel Painting Innovations: Expressive Art Techniques

Push past your artistic boundaries!

Give yourself permission to play with this pastel and mixed media painting from Dawn Emerson. Using a photo of an owl, Dawn leads you through two different painting approaches step by step, from drawing and underpainting to developing the subject and adding details. In each demonstration Dawn encourages you to “play like a maniac,” letting your art materials inspire your painting process and lead you to make expressive art.

Why Members Love It

“Her demonstrations illustrated the innovative process — combining traditional methods with playful exploration to see what happens! I’ve watched this video twice today because it filled me with an excitement for playing while making art! This video taps into the true joy of making art.”

Paul G.

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