The above wet-on-wet painting tutorial demonstrates how the technique works as a watercolor pencil technique. (Farmers’ Market Peonies, Kristy Ann Kutch, 2002, watercolor pencil on hot-pressed watercolor paper, 15 x 20 inches.)

What is wet on wet painting?

Also known as wet-in-wet or direct painting, it is a technique in which wet color is applied into or on top of paint that is still wet. It is a fundamental aspect of alla prima painting, although the two terms are not synonymous, as not all wet in wet painting is alla prima. While alla prima painting is always done in one sitting with one layer of paint, painting wet in wet may be done in layers over many sittings.

How to paint wet on wet

Wet in wet painting can be achieved with oils, watercolors, color pencils and acrylics. However, when painting watercolor, the moisture that accrues from wet-on-wet entails that a thicker stock of paper must be used.

painting wet in wet