Big City Scenes in Watercolor

When I was in London, I was struck by the juxtaposition of the modern with the old, particularly when it comes to architecture. From a certain angle (namely, from the Tube station), the modern blue glass building locals dubbed the Gherkin seems to rise from the grounds of the Tower of London, a thoroughly amusing and disorienting mix of past and present. Similarly, the London Eye watches over Big Ben and Parliament with a thoroughly modern sensibility. 

Cityscape by Iain Stewart, watercolor painting.
Cityscape by Iain Stewart, watercolor painting.

This sense of human history is just one of many reasons that cityscape are such a popular subject. Urban landscapes are ever-evolving and always telling a story, so it's no wonder that we want to capture that story, these moments in time, in a painting. But as we all know, with so much detail, it can be incredibly daunting to take on the subject. Where do we begin? 

That's where's newest art instruction videos come in. 
If you want to adapt a painting from the photographs you've taken in order to more accurately capture a mood, check out From Photos to Fantastic: Painting Watercolor Cityscapes with Iain Stewart. In this video, Iain demonstrates how to paint a Paris street scene using multiple photographs to inspire a strong composition and how to change your subject from a dull, rainy day to a light-filled, post-rain late afternoon. His video is chock full of great painting tips for learning how to edit for a great composition, tackle architecture and figures within the landscape in a way that works, as well as how to wield your watercolors, working wet-into-wet, lifting, softening edges, splattering, and more, to create great architecture that captures the essence of a place. 
Then, learn how Maryanne Holmes uses watercolor to create a cityscape that captures that beautiful juxtaposition of modern-day advertising with older buildings creating a beautiful backdrop in the latest episode of Colour in Your Life: Watercolor Cityscapes
You can preview both videos on as well as see the full-length videos, get materials lists, and more!


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