Art Bound Podcast

Art Bound Podcast, Ep. 14: Taking the Leap to Full-Time Artist

James Holmes and Michael Dowling share their experiences and lessons learned on the journey to [...]

Art Bound Podcast, Ep. 13: Pushing the Boundaries of Color

Artists Anna Valdez and Janna Watson use a broad range of bright, striking hues to [...]

Art Bound Podcast, Ep. 12: The New Frontier of Landscape Painting

For Don Stinson and Gregory Euclide, landscape painting is a way to spark new conversations [...]

Art Bound Podcast, Ep. 11: The Power of Portraiture

For Thomas “Detour” Evans and David Kassan, painting modern portraits means capturing the essence of [...]

Art Bound Podcast, Ep. 10: The Power of Personal Symbolism

Learn how two artists create meaningful personal iconography and tell intricate stories in narrative paintings. [...]

Art Bound Podcast, Ep. 9: The Art of Experimentation

Balance artistic curiosity, experimentation and play with deepening your practice. In this episode of Artists [...]

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