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Free guide to painting and drawing fantasy art!You might think that new frontiers would be difficult to find in painting and drawing after centuries upon centuries of time passing, but that’s decidedly not the case for two reasons. One is the sheer innovation of the creative mind—that is always born anew in each generation of painters and draftsmen. The second is genres like fantasy art and pictures, which push artworks into unexpected and unforeseen areas of artistic exploration, like sequential art, drawing cartoons, and more.

The urge to make art that is imaginative and exciting is what this free guide is all about. Exploring the realm of the mind with fantasy images is creativity at its very best and this eBook allows you to explore the materials, techniques, and processes of top artists. From the careers of established fantasy painters and artists to step by step instruction on how to draw a dragon and more—all the bases of fantasy images and fantasy pictures are covered here.

Don’t Start Even Simple Fairy Drawings without This Free Guide By Your Side

Learn how to draw a dragon step by stepFantasy pictures are not just ways to learn how to draw cartoon characters or how to draw a mermaid or how to draw a unicorn. Of course, that is part of it! But mostly fantasy images are about rendering the world in a way that is relatable but “out of this world” simultaneously.

Learn How to Draw a Mermaid Step by Step

Learn how to draw a mermaid in this free guide.Successful artists follow these principles for drawing mermaids, and here we let you in on their tips. These include pointers on proportions, shapes, and how to draw scales.

Best Paper & Materials for Drawing

Best paper and materials for drawing fantasy art.In this free drawing lesson, you’ll use pencils in your studies of drawing ethereal mythical creatures with the goal of a painted end result. Even though the focus here is on painting with watercolors, pencils are a viable tool for completed works of art.

Learn How to Draw a Fairy Step by Step

Learn how to draw a fairy step-by-step.As a bonus, you will also find a final chapter on drawing fairies and dragons step by step. This outline will ensure to help you get your creative juices flowing and better understand how to build fantasy pictures that resonate with viewers and convey an otherworldly appeal.

Discover Tips and Inspiration to Bring Your Fantasy Art to Life

This genre has considerable traction in the art world, and an appeal that goes from fine art to comics, storytelling, cinema, and more. As an artist, it is always a good idea to know what kind of genres are thriving as well as up and coming. In fantasy art, you will find both a genre that gives artists a continual way to push their creativity and a way to create art that is evergreen and engaging. So download today and let your fantasy drawings begin.

*By providing your email address you will begin to receive our newsletters, special offers and more free content from Artists Network.

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