FAQ | Preparing Your Competition Entry


  • Nothing accompanying an entry will be returned.
  • Competition logins/profiles are NOT the same as website, forum or other general logins/profiles.
  • Accounts/profiles are competition/year specific & need to be set up each year (for each competition you are entering). Once a competition deadline has passed, you will not be able to access the online entry system. The function of the online account/profile is to give you access to enter online and to reprint your submitter forms.
  • Once a competition’s final deadline has passed, you will not be able to access the online entry system; be sure to print copies of your forms in advance.
  • Once an entry has been submitted, no edits, replacements or exchanges will be accepted. If you wish to submit an edited version of a previously submitted entry, you should enter it as a new entry (fees at the time of submission do apply; you may wish to edit the title slightly as well so that you can differentiate them).
  • Check your spelling carefully including all log in information, email addresses etc. Incorrect email addresses may result in transmission of important information being delayed and/or unsuccessful.
  • Be sure that our email addresses (anything ending in @peakmediaproperties.com) are not blocked, or you may not receive critical information, receipts, confirmations etc.
  • All competitions accept online entries only.
  • It is permissible that your work be sold, you are not required to currently own the work.
  • Peak Media Properties LLC assumes all entries are original and are the works of the entrant, with all rights granted therein.
  • Peak Media Properties LLC is not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant and will not become involved in copyright disputes.
  • The terms (during checkout) are referring to agreeing to allow us publish images of the entry/work in our magazines, on our website, in digital products such as eBooks and in ads promoting the competitions. The terms are not providing rights for Peak Media Properties LLC to make prints of the work (or greeting cards, etc.) and sell them. Artists retain full copyright to their work. We may use the images in promotional materials for future contests, but we always try to give credit when reprinting.


All submitter information; the submitter is who we will refer to as the artist, and who we will contact with any questions, updates etc. If the submitter and the artist are not the same, please indicate accordingly in parenthesis, on the submitter name line.

  • Valid email address; be sure that our email addresses (anything ending in @peakmediaproperties.com) are not blocked, or you may not receive critical information, receipts, confirmations etc.
  • Image files prepared according to specifications.
  • Prepared entry details including unframed dimensions, medium, title.
  • Entry Fee


Artists Magazine Annual Art Competition, Artists Magazine Over 60, Watermedia Showcase, Artistic Excellence, Pastel 100: All entrants should be prepared to be able to send a print-quality replacement file should their entry be among those selected as a winner. For publication, these files should be 300 dpi when saved at approximately 8×10 inches, ideally, and 5×7 inches at minimum.

AcrylicWorks, Strokes of Genius, Splash: Winners will be asked to provide specific written information about their selected piece(s). This written information, in order to be accepted, will have to be provided electronically via e-mail. Winners will also be required to submit a high-resolution TIFF or JPG file (CMYK format/300dpi) for the work(s) to be published.


  • Files should be .JPEG/.JPG, in RGB color mode (not CMYK)
  • File size maximum is not to exceed 5 MB
  • Zipped files and web based files (like .gdoc) are not accepted
  • Please avoid using punctuation in entry titles (ex: use My Entry Title – not “My Entry Title”)

Note: When entering online, the viewing screen & thumbnail which you will see during the entry process is for general reference only and does not reflect the image quality that will be viewed by jurors. The file that you attach is exactly as it will appear to the jurors.