Learn to Draw like Degas | Free Video!

French Impressionist Edgar Degas has been a source of major inspiration to many artists. In the instructional video, “Decoding Degas,” Desmond O’Hagan demonstrates how artists—by using the time-honored tradition of copying the work of the masters—can better understand Degas’ unique style and put those skills to work in their own art making. In this video Desmond creates two works of art, one in charcoal and another with charcoal and pastel, exploring Degas’ expressive mark making.

Enjoy this hour-long video, Decoding Degas: Pastel Drawing Series, absolutely free from Artists Network.

Feeling inspired? Keep learning with these videos and check out these previews below:

This video builds on studies Desmond completed in part 1 above. Here the journey continues as Desmond creates a copy of one of Degas’ great pastel paintings, looking closely at Degas’ style and use of color. Download or stream this video today.

Dan Thompson reveals his approach to creating lifelike, realistic portraits using the anatomy of the head to create identifying landmarks for precise drawing.

Join Dan Thompson in the second of his series on drawing the figure as he explores gesture drawing. Capture the poses and motions to imbue your figures with life and energy.

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