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Learn how to paint like a pro in this FREE guide from Artists Network!Are you seeking free techniques and expert instruction on how to paint? Have you always wanted to learn how to paint by following step-by-step instructions and painting tips from renowned painting artists? Whether you’re looking for painting lessons for beginners or basic tips to improve as a painting artist, Artists Network’s free eBook is your essential guide! Embark on a journey of priming, staining, brushwork basics, and making corrections on your paintings. Learn to paint with these free step-by-step art techniques that offer easy exercises and basic tips to improve your skills.

Learning to paint can be an intimidating process, but with free expert tips, you can master basic painting techniques in no time. Learn how to paint a picture you can be proud of by using our expert tips on how to paint texture, making corrections, and selecting the appropriate art supplies to accomplish different brushstrokes. This art tutorial offers surface mixing tips for an extensive range of color using oil, watercolor, or pastel, and the importance of priming and staining to prevent surface absorption.

Whether you’re seeking tips on painting for beginners or you’re a veteran painting artist, this free collection of techniques will teach you step-by-step techniques. This learn how to paint free guide will be one you turn to again and again. Let expert painting artists guide you through the steps to learn how to paint a picture that is dynamic in color and full of texture.

What’s inside this learn how to paint guide?

Learn how to paint like a pro in this free guide including the type of art supplies every artist should have!With your free copy of these painting lessons, you’ll have an expert guide to painting for beginners at your fingertips. Learn to paint from renowned painting artists who have experienced the trials and errors of perfecting a painting. For beginners, the tips included in this guide will provide you with information on art supplies and the basics you need to continually improve your skills.

Learn to Prime a Canvas (and Paper, Too)

Learn must-know painting techniques such as priming a canvas and paper.Both oils and acrylics can be applied to raw canvas, but the canvas will absorb the first layer of paint, so it is customary to apply a coat of primer. This acts as a barrier between the paint and the canvas. Paper, which can be used for both acrylics and oils, can be primed in the same way. Learn essentials to preparing your work and the art supplies needed for priming and staining your canvas or paper in this free tutorial.

Learn to Build Up Your Paint

Learn how to build up your paint and paint a picture in this guide.The process of building up an oil or acrylic painting is largely an individual matter. Some top artists like to cover the canvas as quickly as possible, starting with an underpainting in thin, diluted paint that dries very quickly. This allows them to establish the main blocks of tone and texture. Apply the skills you can learn from this free eBook to paint texture in your artwork.

Mix the Paint on Your Surface

Learn how to mix the paint on your surface in this free learn how to paint guide!Unlike paints, pastel colors cannot be mixed in a palette before being applied to paper. Instead the colors are mixed on the paper itself. Even if you have an extensive range of pastel colors, some surface mixing is almost always necessary. Learn how to build up overlays of color to set the tonal key for your next artwork. Learn to paint pieces that are lively and full of dynamic color using tips from this free eBook.

Get to Know Brushwork

Learning how to paint texture is easier than you think after getting to know brushwork!The marks of the brush have played an important part in paint techniques since first Titian, then Rembrandt, began to exploit them in contrast to the smooth surfaces and subtle blends preferred by earlier painting artists. Brushwork can be very helpful for painting texture and adding detail to objects in your painting. The extent to which brushwork is used in an acrylic painting depends on the painting artist. One painting artist might use brushstroke similarly to their work with oil, while another might exploit the value acrylic has with flat color.

Art Lessons: How to Make Corrections

Learn how to make corrections in your artwork in this guide.Nothing is more frustrating than discovering halfway through a simple artwork that something has gone awry; maybe the colors don’t harmonize or object is in the wrong position. Thankfully it is often possible to put things right. In art, for beginners especially, mistakes should be seen as part of the learning curve. There are easy ways to correct your mishaps.

Get expert techniques in these perspective drawing lessons.

An artwork that is free of error from the artist’s perspective definitely takes skill. Sometimes the first try isn’t always a success. Learn how to make corrections easily to improve your painting art at the early stages to avoid even more problematic fixes to your work later on. Download this free eBook full of free painting lessons today and begin understanding basic painting techniques to accomplish stunning artwork and the art supplies you’ll need to do so.

*By providing your email address you will begin to receive our newsletters, special offers and more free content from Artists Network.

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