Anne Bagby’s Studio Cleanup

When her studio became too cluttered to work in, this became collage and mixed-media artist Anne Bagby’s cleanup plan:

  1. Use or discard all used-up or mostly empty containers.
  2. Don’t stockpile anything that is easily obtainable.
  3. Give away or discard anything I haven’t used in the last year—not to mention the last 10 years.
  4. Label! Label! Label!
  5. Put like things together.
  6. Put important items near the worktables where they are used.

See some photos of her studio below.

Now that it’s free of unnecessary storage containers, the studio can accommodate four tables and eight working artists.

It’s not as arty and creative-looking as it once was, but now Bagby says she has room to be creative!

It was a couple of months into her cleanup project before Bagby could see the floor of her storage closet—and her vacuum and ladder became accessible again.

Bagby sorted all her handmade stencils into plastic containers and labeled everything.

In these shelves close to the worktables, Bagby stores the supplies she uses nearly every day.

Her hand-painted paper strips hang on a long inside wall, where she can sort through them easily.

The shelf shown previously had stacked plastic storage units on it. Now Bagby has more working space!

Only her computer area remains exactly the same as it was.


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