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LIVE Online Painting Workshop | Essentials of Painting Foggy Scenes

Learn how the application of fog can create ethereal effects in your landscape painting! In this newest live online workshop starting 6/30/18 from Johannes Vloothuis explore tips and techniques for converting any ordinary image into a stunning foggy scene!

Photo credit: Essentials of Painting Foggy Scenes event image, for promotional purposes only, by Johannes Vloothuis


Top 10 Oil Painting Tips

A master painter and favorite art workshop instructor, Johannes Vloothuis teaches thousands of students how to paint with oil (among other mediums). We asked him for his top 10 tips for oil painters, and we think you’ll agree these essential painting techniques should be in every artist’s tool kit.


Wet Canvas Live!

Paint Along with Johannes Vloothuis

Master painter Johannes Vloothuis teaches live online art workshops in Artists Network’s interactive Paint Along and Essentials series.

Johannes has taught over 17,000 artists of all skill levels, including professionals, and the prestigious Pastel Society of America listed him among “Master Artists.”


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