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Learn to paint still lifes like a pro with free techniques.Each year expert judges select the best still life paintings from the thousands of works that are submitted to The Artist’s Magazine’s Art Competition. It’s a difficult task to narrow down the artwork, hoping to have their paintings win not only cash but also publication. In this free download, Best Still Life Painting Techniques and Stories That Inspire, we’ve selected three years’ worth of winners—a total of 18—from the still life category to share with you so that you’ll learn from their advice and be inspired by their paintings.

When you hear the phrase “still life,” it’s easy to imagine a stereotypical painting, usually of flowers and fruit. But when you see the artworks featured here, you’ll likely be surprised by the creative ways the artists have pushed the boundaries of this genre—paint-kissed palette knives that symbolize a bouquet of flowers; the ever-present egg, presented in an unusual design; and so much more. In addition to seeing the diversity of compositions in these still lifes, you’ll also learn the techniques that the artists used to get the effects that make these stand out from the rest. Scroll down for a preview of what you’ll find in Best Still Life Painting Techniques and Stories That Inspire, and enter your email address to get the full download, for free, now.

Featured Works in Best Still Life Painting Techniques and Stories that Inspire:

Enjoy this sampling of the first place still life painting winners from The Artist’s Magazine’s 19th, 20th, and 21st Art Competitions as they share inspiration and advice on how to paint still life art. Get the full articles when you enter your email address and get your free download!

Still Life Techniques

Paint Still Life like a pro with free tips at by Will Wilson, first place winner (19th Annual)
Article by Jenny Sullivan
The Dutch Masters painted many an austere bouquet, but never one like this. “One day I hadn’t cleaned off my knives, and they were all around the studio,” says San Francisco artist Will Wilson. “The vibrancy of the dried paint gave me the idea to put them in a vase.” A classically trained painter, Wilson creates his own paints by blending ground pigment with Maroger medium. Exaggerating the play of natural light in his studio, he painted each angular knife form in the still life painting Bouquet (oil, 11×13) one at a time.

Still Life Painting Tips

Learn how to paint still life with this free art tutorial.Still Life with Silver Spoon by Daniel K. Tennant, honorable mention (20th Annual), Article by Jenny Wohlfarth
It all began with a cantaloupe for Daniel K. Tennant, who was so mesmerized by the spaghetti-like design on the fruit’s fibrous skin that he composed a still life around it. The Bainbridge, N.Y., artist used an airbrush to glaze transparent watercolors over the opaque gouache for delicate shadowing effects in this still life painting.

Paint Still Life like a Pro

Free Still Life inspiration from competition winners...I like!Eggs-Hileration by Diana Carmody, third place winner (21st Annual)
“Every painting of eggs presents a different challenge,” says Diana Carmody, who has painted more than 20 still life paintings of eggs. “I paint them differently every time, or else it would get boring.”

Sometimes she goes to great lengths to get just the right shadows on eggs: On more than one occasion, she has photographed eggs while standing on a ladder on her driveway.

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