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  1. Zen Doodle Workshop Fall 2016 Digital Issue

    Create beautiful doodles art, use techniques that incorporate paper, fabric, paint, pens, wire and more with the digital fall issue of Zen Doodle Workshop.
  2. Mixed-Media Acrylic Painting Magazine Download

    From essential information on the different types of paints and various styles of brushes to tackling big projects, with this eMag you'll find techniques for producing intuitive artwork.
  3. Art Inspiration Article Compilation Download

    We've gathered 16 columns and essays from CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS that are chockfull of advice and motivation to get you back on track and keep your creative process moving again.

  4. Zen Doodle Workshop Spring 2016 Digital Magazine

    This issue of Zen Doodle Workshop explores taking doodling to wood, rocks and more. Learn how Jodi Ohl utilizes ink sprays and get advice of doodling creativity from Julie-Fan Balzer. All this and much more inside!
  5. Cloth Paper Scissors 2015 Collection Magazine Download

    Read and enjoy all 6 issues of Cloth Paper Scissors 2015, just as they were published in print.
  6. Cloth Paper Scissors, September/October 2012 Magazine Download

    Our Assemblage issue! Make creative assemblages with lightbulbs, found objects, vintage-esque items, and more!
  7. Cloth Paper Scissors, May/June 2012 Magazine Download

    Our 2012 Mixed-media wearable issue: Tattoos, cuffs, shoes, and pendants. Make teacup collages, and abstract map art.
  8. Cloth Paper Scissors, Winter 2004 (Premiere Issue): Magazine Download

    The Premiere Issue of Cloth Paper Scissors is dedicated the art of altering photographs and is now available in PDF format. Enjoy!
  9. Cloth Paper Scissors, Summer 2005: Magazine Download

    Painted textures to make your mixed media projects unique! Also, artist profile on Frances Pickering and a workshop on using a heat gun to turn up the heat on your projects.
  10. Cloth Paper Scissors, Fall 2005: Magazine Download

    Spice up your mail with creative "femail." Artist profile: Sue Dove, and the results from our reader Brag Book Challenge.


Items 1 to 10 of 23 total

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