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  1. Artist's Sketchbook February 2005 Digital Edition

    Don't quit your day job! Find out how you can sell your art on the side while still keeping your 9-to-5.
  2. Artist's Sketchbook April 2005 Digital Edition

    Nine creative women swapped nine journals over the course of nine months, and the effects were empowering.
  3. Artist's Sketchbook June 2005 Digital Edition

    Get your creative juices flowing with two months of one-a-day art prompts.
  4. Artist's Sketchbook August 2005 Digital Edition

    If life is leading you in a new direction, don't force your muse to stand onone place.
  5. Artist's Sketchbook October 2005 Digital Edition

    Make your creative dreams come true with tips for moving toward your goals, seeking a good balance between art and life, coping with creative disasters, and fielding a creative "support team.
  6. Artist's Sketchbook December 2005 Digital Edition

    Sometimes a day spent drawing from life has as much to do with life as drawing.
  7. Artist's Sketchbook February 2006 Digital Edition

    Resolve to be more creative in 2006.
  8. Artist's Sketchbook April 2006 Digital Edition

    Enthuse your muse by making art in an inspiring locale (we highlight 20 favorite spots).
  9. Artist's Sketchbook June 2006 Digital Edition

    Celebrate the power of the pencil in this "drawing" edition: learn about the benefits of a drawing group, plus tips for drawing portraits, and how to inspirer new work with old sketches.


9 Item(s)