Watercolor Artist Summer 2024 Print Edition

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Embrace the power of place with the Summer 2024 issue of Watercolor Artist! Discover how artists use color, light and composition to capture the spirit of a scene; get expert tips on outfitting your plein air toolkit; and learn how to flex your creative muscle with line and wash. If you’re looking for ideas to cultivate creativity and take your art to the next level, you won’t want to miss this issue.

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267 in stock


Highlights include:

  • Have Sketchbook, Will Travel: An artist’s favorite subjects from around the world reveal connections and memories.
  • Twist of Fate: A devasted city is healed—through the power of art.
  • Movement, Excitement, Energy: Dynamic brushwork, compositional structure and a passion for working outdoors bring a plein air painter’s street scenes to life.

Featured Artists: Jeff Steiner, John Herron, Stewart White and David Akhriev


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